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Gateway Rush

Posted by Abigail Raesly on March 25, 2010 at 2:20 AM

What Are Your Feelings About GATEWAY RUSH?

This blog is dedicated to learning more about what will make this event a RUSH for YOU. Please share your opinion, ideas, likes and dislikes, or general concerns.

What is Gateway Rush?

The Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Formula SAE team will host Gateway Rush on Saturday, April 10, on the SIUE campus beginning at 10 a.m. This Formula SAE race encourages friendly competition among Midwest universities to prepare for the National Competition in May.


This event allows the teams to participate in races including acceleration, skid-pad, auto-cross and endurance  to test their vehicles and size-up competition. In addition, the Illinois Army National Guard and SIUE ROTC will be on hand with Humvees for display and to provide music for the duration of the event.


On April 7 the SIUE Formula SAE car will be featured on FOX 2 News with Tim Ezell to promote Gateway Rush.


So you probably have some Questions...


What's in it for You?      ... Well, Who are You???

Current Sponsors-The SIUE Formula SAE team could not have the unique hands-on experience, competitive opportunities or even exist without you. Come see for yourself how much you mean to the team, and meet the team members that are benefiting from your contributions.


Potential Sponsors-Contributing to the success of a team and enhancing students' hands-on experience is rewarding, but what else will you get out of sponsoring the SIUE Formula SAE Team? Sponsors' names and logos will be promoted throughout the SIUE campus, and on the event site, by distributing posters, flyers and delivering a series of presentations. Perhaps you are not currently considering becoming a sponsor, attend Gateway Rush and observe the team's passion, review the teams' portfolio (available at the registration table), or just feel the rush.


Become a Member of the SIUE Formula SAE Team-If you are a student at SIUE, this is an ideal opportunity for you to experience the SIUE Formula SAE Team for yourself. Whether you need a significant addition to your resume or you enjoy Formula SAE, come meet the team members, review the Team's portfolio (available at the registration table) and take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy a Formula SAE race close to home.


SIUE Students and Faculty-You work so hard, or you work so hard teaching them, come take pride in what SIUE students are really made of.


Edwardsville Community and Racing Fans- What better way to spend your Saturday than outside on the beautiful SIUE campus. Come for the day or just for lunch. The kids will have a blast, too.


What Will It Cost Me?

Admission for the race is free for all students and children under 12. Adults will be charged $2 upon entry. Food and beverage will be available at Gateway Rush, no outside food or beverages will be admitted. SIUE is a dry campus, no alcohol will be permitted.


If you have any questions regarding the Team, please contact the SIUE Formula SAE Co-captain, Garret Long, at [email protected]

If you have any questions regarding the event, Gateway Rush, please contact Carly Wildenradt, at [email protected]


We want your honest feedback! We are looking forward to reading your comments and hopefully seeing you at Gateway Rush!



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