SIUE Formula SAE

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Meetings Will Be Starting Soon!!!

The SIUE Formula SAE team is composed of students, who conceive, design, fabricate, and compete with formula style, racing cars. Each year, the team demonstrates and proves their engineering skills in both design and fabrication, as well as competes in Michigan with other universities throughout the world.

Requirements To Join Team

  • Student at SIUE
  • GPA of 2.0 or Higher
  • Basic Knowledge of Tools and Racing
  • Good Communication Skills

Vehicle Design Objectives

     For the purpose of the Formula SAE competition, teams are to assume that they work for a design firm that is designing, fabricating, testing and demonstrating a prototype vehicle for the nonprofessional, weekend, competition market.The vehicle should have very high performance in terms of acceleration, braking and handling and be sufficiently durable to successfully complete all the events described in the Formula SAE Rules and held at the Formula SAE competitions.

Contact Us

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Terry Yan      Email:          Phone: 618-650-3463

President: William Matzen             Email:   Phone: 618-570-9033

Vice President:                            Email:                                Phone: 

Secretary:                                   Email:                                Phone:            

Treasurer: Paul Jansen                 Email:     Phone:217-663-2436

Chassis Design Group

Group Leader:     

Group Members:     William Matzen     Jordan Allen     Travis May     Jay Allen     Paul Jansen

Engine Design Group

Group Leader:     

Group Members:   

Drive Train Design Group

Group Leader:    

Group Members:    

Suspension Design Group

Group Leader:     

Group Members:  William Matzen    Paul Jansen

Body Design Group

Group Leader:    Paul Jansen     217-663-2436 

Group Members:         Travis May    

Business Group

Group Leader:    William Matzen     618-570-9033 

Group Members:     

Public Relations: PRSSA

Group Leader:     

Group Members:      To Be Announced 

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